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Importing a vehicle into Canada


Thinking of buying a vehicle in the USA?
Have you done your homework?

There are many rules and regulations covering the importation of vehicles and trailers that you should be aware of before you jump in. Failure to review them could result in the vehicle actually being more expensive than if you had bought it in Canada. This page was created to give a simple outline of the process. For full details we recommend you review the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website.

If you will be driving the vehicle back yourself you can make your declaration personally and complete the forms at the border when you arrive. If your vehicle is being brought into Canada by a carrier and you would like our assistance then follow these 5 steps:

Step 1
See if your vehicle is even admissible into Canada.
List of vehicles admissible from the USA

Step 2
Ensure that the seller can send you a copy of the Title and Bill of sale PRIOR to shipping and that the originals are sent with the vehicle.

Step 3
Find out if your vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer for modifications. You will either need a letter stating it hasn't been recalled or one from where the work was done to fix the recall problem.
Click here to find the number for your manufacturer

Step 4
REMEMBER: US Customs requires 72 hours notice PRIOR to arrival at the border for all self-propelled vehicles. This includes all off-highway vehicles, trucks, ATVs, forklifts, etc. This must be done by the seller, you, or us.

Step 5
You are now ready to import. Give us a call and ask for Melissa, she will walk you through the rest of the process.

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